Places to see in Exeter


There are many places to go in Exeter as it is a great city which has its own history, and a full of new experiences for the tourists, so, only some are listed below.

Exeter’s Underground Passages

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Exeter Underground Passages are these passageways which exist under Exeter city and were used for transportation for medieval subterranean tours, in the 14th century. It helps us know more about the city and its history.

Crealy Adventure Park & Resort

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Crealy Adventure Park & Resort is a theme park cum resort mainly aimed at kids with a play area, live show, and indoor animal kingdom. It is a sweet and a calm place to relax between the travels.

Haldon Forest Park – Forestry Commission


Haldon Forest Park is a place where the forest is used in multiple ways with biking, zip wire, horse-riding, and orienteering, which means navigating in the forest with the use of a compass and a map.

Royal Albert Memorial Museum

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Royal Albert Memorial Museum is the museum where they have a diverse collection of everything, from ant to anthropology, some collected by themselves and others bought from the collectors which helped them to become one of the finest regional museums in Britain.